A CLI secrets management system that facilitates zero-trust workflows.

Polykey-CLI Screenshot

Spinshare Client

Former developer and translator for the SpinShare desktop client built with Vue.js and Electron.

Spinshare Client Screenshot

Exalta Launcher

A third-party open-source launcher built in Rust for Realm of the Mad God Exalted.

Exalta Launcher Screenshot

Chip-8 Emulator

A Chip-8 Interpretting Emulator Written in Rust.

Chip-8 Emulator Screenshot


A Node.js WebSocket wrapper library that provides a multiplexed WebStreams API.


A Node.js mDNS responder implementation written in Typescript.


A Twitter-like social media platform focused on interactive multimedia and community-driven content moderation built using Next.js, Postgres, and Tailwind. Created as a Engineers Without Borders project for university.


A third-party open-source private leaderboard client and server built with Next.js and React for SRXD.

MaebeeTV Website Rewrite

The landing page for MaebeeTV rewritten in Next.js and React extended with team management features.


A Rust Actix Web App to embed GitHub code snippets, images, gifs, videos, gists, & more on Discord, Slack, Telegram, Twitter, etc.


A installer for the modding framework BepInEx for the game Spin Rhythm XD written in Python and Tkinter.

Simple Australian Tax Calculator

A simple tax calculator for the Australian taxation system. Built with Laravel and PHP.


A modification for the productivity and organization application Tape, to enable synchronization of items between different systems using existing sync services.


A modification for the productivity and organization application Tape, that ports it to mobile devices and the PWA platform.